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Q. I have created a mesh in Simulation, and the resulting *.MSH file I have written from the "Write Fluent Input" in Simulation does not load. Fluent produces an error message similar to below:
Error: Build_Grid: grid error.
Clearing partially read grid.

FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION)

Is the mesh corrupt? Is there a workaround?

The mesh itself is okay, but the *.MSH file is not correct.

One possible workaround is to open the case in Classic ANSYS and create a CDB file. Please follow-the steps below.

1. Create the mesh in Simulation as you have done. Bring up workbench and access your .dsdb.
2. Click on `New Analysis` and choose, say `Static Structural` as your type. It doesn`t matter what you choose, and you don`t have to actually set it up.
3. Return to the Project Page and you will now see, when the Simulation file is highlighted, a choice on the left hand side of `Open analysis in ANSYS`. Choose this.
4. Save the project as instructed. We don`t care about these files.
5. ANSYS classic will open and you should see the model. Note that your named selections will now be nodal components. These will be recognized by Fluent.
6. Expand (plus sign) Preprocessor and then expand Archive Model. Choose Write.
7. In the resulting Dialog box, choose as `Data to Archive` as DB All finite element information. Also Pick a name for the file. The default will be something like `Project2.cdb`. Click OK.
8. ANSYS will warn you that not everything is selected, or has all attributes defined, or whatever. Just close the box.
9. In FLUENT, you will Import this as an ANSYS file. The type will be ANSYS Prep7 files.

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