Is it possible to create parameters in Workbench Simulation for things like material properties and loads, then pass the parameter values into Command Objects to use there?

Yes, you can do this using the Parameter Manager utility in Simulation (note, this is not the DesignXplorer parameter manager). There is a sample model attached. In this example, define Young's Modulus and pressure as Simulation parameters. If you open the Parameter Manager utility in Simulation, they will numbered something like "P1" and "P2". In the Command Object, enter the following commands:

Param1 = arg1
Param2 = arg2

In the details of the Command Object, make "ARG1" and "ARG2" parameters. Then, in the Parameter manager, "ARG1" and "ARG2" will be numbered something like "P3" and "P4", respectively. To set Young's Modulus and pressure as input arguments to the Command Object, change the expression for "P3" to "P1" and that for "P4" to "P2", without the quotes. Now, if the solution is run, you will see in the output that the values for Young's modulus and pressure are available in the Command Object.

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