How is the network license server specified for the CATIA V5 CAD program?

CATIA V5 network licenses use IBM LUM (License Use Manager). By default, CATIA V5 uses the following file to find the LUM server.

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataIBMLUMi4ls.ini

Since CADNEXUS/Capri also starts the CATIA V5 CAD program, it follows that the existence of this file affects the operation of CADNEXUS/Capri.

It is possible to override the default location by creating a Windows Environment variable, and specifying a different locaation for the file:



This solution may be useful for users who have CATIA installed on a shared network drive.

Also see solution 818614 for testing connectivity between CADNEXUS/Capri and CATIA V5 CAD program.

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