Automatic creation of absolute residual fields in CFX-Post.

It is possible to output the equation residual fields to the results file. In case of convergence problems, it can be useful to locate regions where the residual is large, by creating isosurfaces or isovolumes in CFX-Post. However, the residual field may be positive or negative and problem regions may be indicated by either large positive or large negative values.

Using the absolute value of the residual allows isosurfaces or isovolumes to highlight both large positive and large negative residual values. This can be achieved by creating a variable in CFX-Post which is set to the absolute value of the residual field using an expression. e.g.:

abs(P Mass.Residual)

If there are many residual fields in a results file, a variable and expression are required for each field, which can be repetitive to set up. The attached file contains a CFX-Post session file to automate this process. When run, this session file searches for any residual fields in the results file and for each residual field, automatically sets up a variable set to the absolute residual value.


The session file is written for CFX-Post 11.0 / 11.0 SP1. Comments in the session file describe how to modify it for use with 12.0.

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