Why, exactly, does ANSYS issue the warning "Some target elements on target surface specified by real constant set N belong to symmetric contact, some do not?" I have a number of overlapping contact regions, but it complains about only one. It would be nice to know under what conditions this message is triggered.

The warning message is not necessarily an indication of a problem, but it could be useful feedback if you are running into convergence trouble or your surface-based contact results are difficult to interpret.

Attached is a simple example of what would generate this message. In this example, there are two contact pairs that work together successfully in a symmetric contact relationship between areas 6 and 11. There is also a third asymmetric pair that enforces contact between areas 4,6 and 10,11. This is redundant, but it does not cause any convergence difficulty, and it is not a problem if you are not interesting in postprocessing contact-related results on area 6 or 11. If you do want to postprocess contact-pressure results, it might be more difficult to interpret the numbers, hence the warning. In some complicated application, this scenario might be unavoidable.

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