I notice that the GUI response to a Right Mouse Button (RMB) or Right-click Context Menu is very slow in Simulation. The Context menu eventually displays after about 30 seconds. What can I do to speed this up?

Open the Parameter Manager and see if there are an excessive number of Parameters. It has been observed in some cases where there were several hundred parameters defined, although the user never recalls selecting the "P" next to the Values in Simulation.

Also, check the file size of the {project_name}.params file in the Project directory. Normal file size is about 5 kb. Slow to respons Simulation have shown a filesize upwards of 10mb.

The workaround is to delete the unneeded parameters, and the {project_name}.params file, then save all files. You can group-select all parameters in the list by selecting the title column, then pressing X delete.

Note: Also see solution 325609 - Response to right mouse button is very slow in Workbench

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