When reading geometry via the ANSYS Connection for Unigraphics NX6, the ANSYS output window shows several "Duplicate Class" messages. The geometry eventually reads in successfully. The user may also report that the ANSYS connection is rather slow even for simple models.

This from UG Solutions:


Subject: [PR-01681918] open part in external C/C++ program shows "duplicate class" errors in NX6

Description of Problem:
Problem Description: When the environment variable UGII_BASE_DIR includes the trailing slash, e.g. UGII_BASE_DIR=C:UGSNX 6.0, opening a part in an NX Open C/C++ external application shows errors about the loading of duplicate Knowledge Fusion classes. For example:

Duplicate class '%nx_application_base' was found in C:UGSNX
Class '%nx_application_base' is defined in C:UGSNX

This did not happen in NX 5. The work around is to make sure that the environment variable does not end in a slash. This may require modifying the shortcut which starts the NX Command Prompt:

C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe /k ugiicmd.bat "C:UGSNX 6.0" AUTO

to remove the trailing slash:

C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe /k ugiicmd.bat "C:UGSNX 6.0" AUTO

Problem is part specific: No
Problem is platform specific: Unknown
PR Number : 1681918
Date Opened: 05-sep-2008
Status : O
Priority : 2
Family : NX
Application: SYSENG
Category : ALL
Release : V6.0
Platform : INTEL
OS Version : 2003_SP2
Terminal : OTHER
Platform specific: Undetermined

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