I want to export a mesh created in CFX Mesh to Fluent, but Fluent generates errors while reading the mesh.

If I try to read a msh file created in CFX by executing "File>Read>Case..." the following error is received:

> Reading "test.msh"...
27006 nodes, binary.
23228 mixed cells, zone 12, binary.
Error: read: face 1, zone 13.
Error: read: face 1, zone 13.
Reading Faces: failed while reading section 2013.
Clearing partially read grid.

Error: Read aborted due to critical error.
Error Object: ()

Error: Error reading "test.msh".
Error Object: #f


There is a bug in the meshing application that causes Fluent meshes to be corrupted. This can be fixed by replacing the executable fluent6.win64_amd.exe
in C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110AISOLCommonFileswinx64
A copy of this executable is attached to this Solution.

Please also reference solution 788702 for a possible workaround.

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