How do you set the emissivity at the interface between a porous domain and a fluid domain in CFX-11.0?

Turn on beta features in CFX-Pre. Typically people turn radiation off in a porous domain since the photons wouldn't see the domain's porosity. But if there is a fluid domain next to the porous domain, the standard interface boundary condition of "Conservative Interface Flux" would cause all the photons to be lost across the interface. In CFX-11 and CFX-12 the user must turn on beta features in CFX-Pre to be able to set the interface boundary to be opaque to radiation. Even with beta features turned on, CFX-Pre does not automatically detect the presence of a non radiating fluid/porous domain next to a radiating fluid/porous domain. The user must manually set the interface boundary to be opaque to radiation.

Beta features can be turned on in CFX-Pre by selecting the menu Edit->Options->General.
Enable beta features and make sure that constant domain physics is turned off and automatic interfaces is turned on. In version 12 you may also have to turn on "show interface boundaries in outline tree" to be able to select them.

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