I am trying to set up a orthotropic conductivity material for CFX-11.0, but when I add the CCL for this in CFX Pre, it gives an error. How do I over come this?

This option is not available in CFX Pre and you would need to do this in Commandline:

The steps are:

1. write the definition file from CFX Pre
2. from the CFX launcher, open Tools>Commandline. Using the following command extract the ccl
cfx5cmds -read -def name.def -text ccl.txt
3. edit the ccl.txt in notepad or a text editor and add the CCL for the orthotropic propoerties and save the files
4. write the CCL back into the def file by using the following command.
cfx5cmds -write -def name.def -text ccl.txt

This will ensure that the new CCL is written back into the def file.

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