When I try to load a solution into ANSYS Workbench Simulation with a large results-file size (e.g., file.rth), Workbench crashes. I tried reading the files from a different machine, and the results are the same. Workbench quits as soon as "Evaluate All Results" is selected.

The problem is that ANSYS split the result file into 2 files, and WB cannot handle split result files at this time. At v11, ANSYS splits files around 100GB by default. For V12, the default is over 2TB.

There are 2 workarounds for users in v11:

(1) Use output controls to limit the result file size. This will reduce disk space and also improve performance. In a thermal analysis, you can control writing fluxes and the frequency of writing results in the WB GUI. Also, the size can more fully be controlled (if needed) using Commands Objects and the OUTRES command.

(2) Increase the threshold for the files to be split by adding a Commands Object and the /CONFIG,FSPLIT.

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