I am running a real gas EOS in CFX and would like to view the property data tables that the Solver
uses to evaluate the fluid properties. How can I do this?

Set the expert parameter 'export property tables to file' to t.

At the end of the run, the solver will write the property data for a number of variables (density, specific enthalpy, specific entropy) to a set of csv files (comma delimited excel file) in the run directory.

The data are presented as (X, Y, Z, Property) and can be imported into CFD-Post using File/Import for display.

X is normally the normalized temperature for the table: (T - Tmin)/(Tmax - Tmin), Y the normalized pressure (P - Pmin)/(Pmax - Pmin) and Z the normalized property and the last column is the absolute value of the property itself.

If the table is set up with 100 points, there will be 100^2 or 10,000 entries in the table.

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