How to monitor the total mass of fluid in a domain.

If it is required to monitor the total mass of a particular fluid present in a
domain (e.g. in a multiphase simulation) in CFX-11.0, this can easily be accomplished using a monitor point set to a CEL expression.
For example to monitor the mass of a fluid called 'seawater' in a domain called
'tank', the following expression would be used:


A zip archive file containing an example is included. The definition file is
ready to run.

The example is of a simple free surface simulation in a 1m cube geometry.

Fluids are water and air. Water enters at the base of the cube at a normal
speed of 0.1 m/s. The duration of the simulation is 7.5s. The water level is
initialised to a height of 0.125m and reaches 0.875m at the end of the

The total mass of water in the domain is monitored using the expression:


The image file shows the resulting plot in the solver manager.

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