KNOWN ISSUE: Some graphics objects do not display correctly in CFX-Pre and CFD-Post

Some graphics objects may not display correctly in CFX-Pre and CFD-Post. Examples of the problems could include incorrect colors being used (e.g. for boundary markers in CFX-Pre, or for contour plots in CFD-Post) or the mesh lines not displaying properly.

This is a graphics driver problem which could affect any graphics card, but has mostly been observed with particular versions of the graphics drivers for ATI graphics cards. Upgrading the graphics driver does not always help (sometimes later versions of the graphics drivers work incorrectly when earlier versions have shown no problems).

In Release 12.0, the following environment variable can be used to work around the problem:


This could be set in the cfx5rc file to make sure that it is used every time CFX is started.

No fix is currently available.

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