I use FLUENT and am interested in optimization of CFD analysis with DesignXplorer at release 12.0. Chemical reaction equations are defined in my FLUENT model, and there are 12 input parameters. If I could use the default DOE using Central Design composite, the number of automatic design point would be 281. This makes optimization analysis quite difficult because one solution takes 10 hours. modeFRONTIER has a capability to estimate sensitivities of input parameters at first, then dropping off low sensitivity parameters in order to reduce the design points. From what I understand, DesignXplorer does not have this capability. Is it right? Is there any good strategies to do optimization analysis for his case (large solve with many parameters)?

At 12.0, we will have a similar capability called Correlation Matrix; however, this will still require some calculations to be performed to determine the important parameters. Another way to solve optimization problems in this case would be to use direct optimization algorithms (without DOE, without response surfaces). The choice of the method heavily depends on what type of information you need.

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