I want to model the movement of a charged particle due to electric force in CFX. Does CFX have an inbuilt model to do this. If so, how to setup such a case?

It is possible to setup the movement of a charged particle due to an electric force in CFX. The following steps need to be followed to set up such a case:

1. Enable the Beta features in CFX-Pre {Edit>Options>Enable Beta Features}

2. Edit the continuous phase material properties to input the electrical conductivity. This will allow the use of "Electromagnetic Model" in CFX-Pre

3. Three files are needed to successfully run a Lagrangian electric force model in the solver: "tt.txt, emag_rules.ccl and elec_rules.ccl`. Files are attached to this Solution. These contain rules for incorporating electrostatic variables in CFX.

The modified "tt.txt" file should be put in the working directory to be accessed via the Environment Variable:

CFX5_TT_FILE = C:Working Directory

The emag_rules.ccl and elec_rules.ccl files should also be placed in the working directory and included as "Solver Arguments" on the Define Run Form: "Define Run>Solver>Custom Solver Options>Solver Arguments" in the following manner:

-ccl elec_rules.ccl -ccl emag_rules.ccl

4. Set up the particle model as usual. Edit the CCL to incorporate the electric force on the particles.

FLUID PAIR: Air at 25 C | particle
Particle Coupling = Fully Coupled
Option = Schiller Naumann
Option = Electromagnetic Force
Particle Charge Density = 1.0[C^-3]
Particle Coupling = Fully Coupled

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