KNOWN ISSUE: The CFX-Solver cannot use a working directory with NTFS-based file permissions

The CFX-Solver fails with an error similar to:

Failed to open file cfx5.mms.setup with status NEW and format FORMATTED
STOP called from routine OPNFIL

The CFX-Solver creates hundreds of lock file (*.lck) in the working directory which are not cleaned up correctly at the end of the run.

The CFX-Solver is unable to run on a Linux or UNIX machine with a working directory which has NTFS-based file permissions and which is set up so that operations that involve setting file permissions fail or return non-standard return codes. (This might arise if the working directory is on certain types of filesystem which are set up to be accessible by both Windows and UNIX/Linux machines.)

Use a working directory that has standard Linux/UNIX file permissions and conforms to NFS standards.

It may be possible to work around the issue on the original filesystem by setting up the filesystem so that it does not return errors when applications try to set file permissions.

No fix is currently available.

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