Why is ANSYS 11.0 aborting with the error message below when I attempt to do a large-deflection, prestressed modal analysis with a superelement?

*** ERROR *** CP = 1.359 TIME= 16:46:05
Internal check error inside PCG substructure solver.

Sometimes I get the error that over 32 million load vectors have been applied while the maximum is 32.

This is related to defect 58182, which was corrected in ANSYS 12.0.

The abort was caused by new code added at 11.0 to allow superelements to work with the direct assembly procedure in the ANSYS solution code. Direct assembly allows the EMAT file to be avoided. In the static analysis USE pass, direct assembly is ON, but since it is a prestressed analysis, we must write the EMAT file; however, for superelements we never write the element matrix to the EMAT file, so for this special case, we are supposed to write nothing for the superelement.

The second part of this bug is that in the PSOLVE modal path we read this EMAT file (direct assembly OFF path) and we were reading the wrong data and this caused the crash.

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