In ANSYS Release 11.0, can querying the subgrid identify multiple items at the same location for SHELL181 elements?

Yes, the subgrid query does not operate on the actual model; it operates on the "graphics object." PowerGraphics (/GRAPHICS,POWER) takes the displaced coordinates of the SHELL181 elements and expands them into 3D faceted "graphics blocks" to create this graphics object. The contour colors are assigned at each block corner (top and bottom surface), and the contour values from adjacent blocks are not averaged. The picker uses a view vector from the centroid of the model to the user's eye to traverse the model. Depending on the orientation and displaced shape, multiple grid points can lay along any given view vector.

Thus, the subgrid picker will find multiple items at one location any of the three following reasons:

(1) values exist for the top and bottom shell surface
(2) multiple values exist at the same location from the faceted adjacent elements, and
(3) multiple locations exist along the view vector.

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