How can I suppress the common mesh at connections of multi-body parts? In a large ship structure, for example, I want a common mesh as is produced for a multi-body part at most of the shell intersections; however, for some of the connections, I want to suppress the creation of the common mesh. Can you think of any way to accomplish this?

The solution is to use the Joint Feature. To use this feature, first create the multi-body part and set the Shared Topology type for the part to Edge Joints. Then, create a Joint feature between bodies where a common mesh is desired. In the scenario you have described, you can first create a Joint feature between the bodies where a common mesh is desired. Then, Joint features can be created between the bodies where common mesh is not desired.

Note the following in the attached example database:

(1) All bodies are in a multi-body part
(2) The Shared Topology type of the part is set to Edge Joints
(3) The Joint2 and Joint3 have their shared topology set to Yes

When this model is transferred to Simulation, you will see that there are a total of 21 edges. The edges on the XZ plane (between the triangle, pentagon, and base plates) are fused to give a common mesh, while the edges on the XY do not get a common mesh on (between the triangle/pentagon and the base plates).

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