What does the GET function ARNODE return for a 2D planar model? I have created a 1x1 planar element, and when all nodes are selected, I get an ARNODE value of 1 for each node. I was expecting to get 0.25.

I can see how ARNODE is not giving you what you might want, but it is documented to return the edge area for 2-D planar elements. In this case, that was 1.0. If you had selected the nodes on one face of the 1x1 element it would return 0.5.

Possible ways to get the true area of a 2-D element are to use the GET function ARFACE(e) divided by the number of nodes selected or by temporarily converting the elements to 3D shells, doing the ARNODE(n), and then converting the elements back to 2D.

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