UILIST returns the wrong value in the first address when used with *VMASK in a *DO loop. A simple example is supplied below. Is this a bug?

Yes, this is a code defect (66209) that has been corrected in CommandField.F at 12.0. The problem occurs when the first value in the mask vector is false.

The problem occurs with the lines:

nds(1:mxnd) = nsel(1:mxnd)

Example input


! Create Model

! Dimension Arrays
mxnd = ndinqr(0,14)

! Array Masking Vector of Selected/ Unselected Nodes

! Array Selected Nodes
nds(1:mxnd) = nsel(1:mxnd)

! Writeout Selected Nodes
('Node=',f8.0,TL1,' ',/,'NSEL=',f8.0,TL1,' ',/)

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