Why is remote displacament on solid-shell elements giving incorrect reaction forces? The problem disappears when regular 3-D elements are used.

This is feature request 75615. It is currently a documented limitation of Simulation, as stated below. Some known workarounds are (1) use MPC contact or (2) set NEQIT,2.


A reported reaction may be inappropriate if that support shares a face, edge, or vertex with another support, contact pair, or load. This is because the underlying finite element model will have both loads and supports applied to the same nodes.

If a model contains two or more supports that share an edge or vertex, use caution in evaluating the listed reaction forces at those supports. Calculation of reaction forces includes the force acting along bounding edges and vertices. When supports share edges or vertices the global summation of forces may not appear to balance. Reaction forces may be incorrect if they share an edge or face with a contact region.

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