In Workbench Simulation Release 11.0, how are pressures and forces applied across multiple entities?

If a force is applied to multiple scoped entities, the total specified force is evenly applied across all of the entities by converting the force to a pressure with a magnitude equal to the total force divided by the total area of all of the scoped entities. Thus, if a 30-N force is scoped to two areas of the same size, 15 N will be applied on one area, and 15 N will be applied on the other area; however, if one area is twice the size of the other area, then 20 N will be applied on the larger area and 10 N on the smaller area.

If pressure is applied to multiple scoped entities, the specified pressure is applied to all of the entities. If a 100-psi pressure is scoped to two areas, 100 psi will be applied to each area, regardless of their sizes.

Pressure is not applied directly to the nodes using SF commands. It is applied using surface effect elements. The surface effect elements essentially convert the pressure to nodal forces. The force distribution depends on the element type.

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