I am trying to run a case where I am using a stage interface to make a connection between
rotating and stationary meshes. The pitch angle is different on the two sides and I used the specified pitch angle option.

When I try to run the case, I get a warning message that says that one side of my interface seems to contain a zero radius and that I should set the transformation type to None and am not sure what this refers to.

Also, I have had cases where my run failed at the partitioning stage with the error message indicated that a transition between +/-180 degrees could not be found on one side of the interface. When does this error message occur and what can I do as a workaround? - KSVIHLA

The Transformation Type message refers to outdated solver CCL which has been deprecated since ANSYS CFX 11.0 and can safely be ignored.

As you note, you should directly specify the pitch angles on the two side of the interface and the problem should run.

The second message has sometimes been seen when one section of the rotating domain has zero radius and crosses from
-180 to +180 degres (i.e. between the second and third quadrants). Rotating the mesh for this region away from the -180
to +18- degree transition using the Transform Mesh capability in CFX-Pre has allowed some simulations to run successfully.

######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 840342 ########
**** Entered By: ksvihla @ 12/12/2008 04:20 PM ****
Randy wants to set up a stage interface for a connection between a 90 degree sector and a 360 degree sector
using stage.

The surfaces include r = 0 and are surfaces of constant z (i.e. circular and circular sector).

I need to check to see what's possible here.

**** Entered By: ksvihla @ 12/12/2008 05:11 PM ****
I set up a case like this and it ran although there is a warning message generated.

The notes in the KB are confusing as some indicate it's possible and some the opposite.

I sent the def file with a note to Randy to make sure hespecifies his pitch angle correctly.

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