How can I retrieve the average heat flux through a surface in Simulation?

For a temperature sink (constrained temperature), the total heat flow could be obtained by making a named selection for the surface and then referencing that in a Commands Object in the Solution branch:

PRRSOL ! will give the individual and total heat flow

You could also divide the output by the known area.

For the case of an internal surface, you could make a named selection (e.g., TEG_nodes) and sum the contact heat flows using the Commands Object below. If you have specified symmetric contact at this location, the heat flow obtained by this summation needs to be multiplied by 2 and then divided by the area to obtain the average heat flux. It is also necessary to use a Commands Object in the analysis branch with OUTRES,ALL,1 to get these ETABLE results.

ESLN,S,1 ! surface elements

ETABLE,CNHF,NMISC,98 ! contact heat flow

SSUM ! total heat flow for one contact pair

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