I am trying to set up a steady-state ANSYS-CFX FSI run and would like
to have an example CFX definition file and ANSYS input file. I'd also to
interested to know how the number of stagger loops and maximum number of
timesteps affects the overall number of steady-state iterations in CFX. - KSVIHLA

A zipped archive with a complete steady-state example is attached.

CFX solves for the specified number of maximum iterations before doing an update with ANSYS.

In this case, 10 steps are set in ANSYS at 0.1 s intervals with corresponding settings in CFX-Pre.

The maximum number of iteration is set to 3.

Under the external coupling, the maximum number of coupling iterations is set to 4.

CFX ran 30 (3 x 10) iterations for each coupling iteration for a total of 120 iterations.

The zipped archive contains the CFX definition file, the ANSYS input file, the ANSYS and CFX output files,
and the ANSYS and CFX reults files.

Note that this example also provides an example where the FSI surface is modeled as a thin surface in
CFX and meshed with shell elements in ANSYS Simulation.

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