I tried to run a simulation in ANSYS CFX 11.0 but the run failed with the following message:

SYMASS_ZIFCS_EL : The solver ran out of temporary space while building a linked list for a domain interface.
Try setting the expert parameter "topology estimate factor zif" to a value greater than 1.0. Values higher than
1.2 should not be necessary.

When I tried to insert an expert parameter from the definition file editor in the Solver Manager, I only saw topology estimate
factor. Is this the same parameter and if not, how do I set topology estimate factor zif? - KSVIHLA

The expert parameters topology estimate factor and topology estimate factor zif are separate expert parameters.

Only topology estimate factor is available in the drop down list from the Solver Manager definition file editor, but you
can always type in topology estimate factor zif in on ther form and set it to the recommended value of 1.2 or whatever
value is desired.

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