Is there a way to "ESORT" shell elements by equivalent stress (SEQV) and then parametrically retrieve the maximum SEQV value? I can sort by centroidal ETABLE value, but that is not necessarily the maximum. I want to retrieve the maximum unaveraged value in the model.

If you are using full integration (KEYOP(3)=2), the element displays the nodal values of stress with PLESOL,S,EQV, not just a constant centroidal value, so the screen display will contain stress values higher than the centroidal value.

If you were willing to assume that the element with the highest centroidal value also contains the highest element nodal value, you could select just that one element and print or retrieve its nodal values. With just one element selected, you could issue PLNSOL,S,EQV and *GET the maximum of that display since nodal averaging would not be an issue.

An easier but undocumented method is to *GET the maximum of PLESOL,S,EQV for the full model. *GET,,PLNSOL,,MAX retrieves the maximum of the last PLESOL display also. This is documented in 12.0.

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