I have installed the ANSYS Workbench 11 SP1 and the ANSYS CFX 11 SP1 software on my Windows XP 64-bit machine. When I try to open a file in CFX-Pre in ANSYS Workbench I get the following message:

CFX-Pre Start Failure
CFX-Pre terminated while attempting to connect to Workbench.

I installed the 32-bit versions of Workbench and CFX 11 SP1 because of CAD issues.

On a Windows 64-bit machine it is expected that the 64-bit versions of Workbench and CFX would be installed; the issue being seen is due to having installed the 32-bit versions.

The workaround for this is to set the variable CFX_FORCE_WOW64 to the value 1. This has to be set as a regular environment variable (using Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Environment Variables button > System Variables list > New) as its value needs to be known before perl is run at the launch of CFX.

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