I would like to export the deformation (or other result) of a node over time to a spreadsheet. I have taken the /OUTPUT-with-PRVAR approach to get a *.lis file, but this file contains additional page header information. I looked at the /PAGE command but this does not apply to /POST26. How can I get rid of the words in the listing file?

You can resolve this issue in either of the following ways:

(1) While the /PAGE file applies to /POST1, the LINES command applied to /POST26. You can simply set a large number on the LINES command (e.g., LINES,1e6).

(2) You can copy the /POST26 variable into an array using VGET, and then write that array to a text file using either *MWRITE or *CFOPEN, *VWRITE, and *CFCLOS (see respective documentation in Commands Reference).

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