I have been conducting a series of surface-to-surface radiation transient thermal analyses in ANSYS Workbench using APDL code snippets. I have run into a case now where I need to input emissivity versus temperature for each surface instead of a constant emissivity. Do you know how I can do this? I have an example Command Object for inputting enthalpy versus temperature under the geometry object but do not know how to call upon a material property for emissivity within the code for surface to surface radiation.

Note that when you are using Command Objects, you are using ANSYS command-line features; therefore, everything in the on-line help for ANSYS applies. You will see that section of the Thermal Analysis guide discusses this subject.

It will tell you that you input a negative number on the emissivity field of the SF command, and then that negative number is taken as a material number. The Emissivity vs temp is then defined with the MP command. In addition, and not discussed in the documentation, one can use the MPTEMP and MPDATA commands to construct a table. The material number will be somewhere on the MPDATA command.

One should use caution not to assign a material number that is used by WB.

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