I apply the heat transfer coefficient to my model as a function of X via a table through a Command Object. Is there a way to display HTC values on the surface of the model during post processing as a contour plot?

There is nothing preprogrammed in Simulation to view this quantity. Simulation uses either SOLID70 or SOLID90 element types for thermal analysis. Both of these output a quantity called HFAVG, which is the average film coefficient of the face. For SOLID70 and SOLID90, it is ETABLE item NMISC,2 then 8, 14, 20, 26, or 32 for faces 1 to 6.

Instead of plotting it in POST1 using the above steps, you could also do the following in either /SOLU or /POST1. Issue /PSF,CONV,HCOEF,1 and /PNUM,SVAL,1 then EPLOT in a Command Object.

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