What happens when two non-parallel surfaces are partially penetrating and adjust to touch is invoked in Workbench Simulation?

In this case, the code will ignore the local penetration only for the detection points that are closed and penetrating. It will make no adjustment to detection points that are initially near field open or far field open.

This is different from how adjust to touch works with contact that is initially near field open. In the open case, we make the same mathematical adjustment to all the detection points.

As far as whether this creates too much error or not really depends on the amount of penetration. It is intended to be for very small amounts of penetration. How do you quantify "small?" One way to test this is to run the adjust to touch contact model as is and then run it with a command object under the contact region that includes the penetration with the command "KEYOPT,cid,9,0" and compare the two.

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