Can I use multiple res file for initial file?

What if I wanted to use one res file(A_001.res) for pressure and velocity fields, then use second res(B_001.res) file for temperature fields? - JCOOPER

Using multiple res files in a restart is not directly possible, but you can build the desired restart .res from the existing .res files using CFX Post as follows:

(Case of using the Temperature field from one .res file and the Pressure/Velocity field from the second)

1. Select the .res file with desired restart Temperature field and load into CFX Post
2. Click the Variables tab in CFX Post to edit variables
3. Make a frozen copy of the Temperature variable called `Temperature Copy` (see attached .jpeg)
4. Load the second .res file into CFX Post (the frozen copy Temperature variable will remain loaded)
5. Double Click the Temperature variable from the new .res file and check off Replace With Expression (write to results)
6. Select the frozen variable `Temperature Copy` as the expression (see attached jpeg #2)
7. Click OK

Step 7. Will overwrite the variable Temperature field in the second .res file with the variable ` Temperature Copy` taken from the first file.



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