Does the Workbench plugin provide support for Autodesk Inventor 2010?

Autodesk Inventor 2010 will NOT be officially supported with the initial release of 12.0. ANSYS will test Autodesk Inventor 2010 after it is officially released from Autodesk. Workbench 12.0 contains some anticipated data changes to accommodate Inventor 2010 and should therefore work with 2010 satisfactory, but use with caution for now.

Workbench 11.0 will not correctly transfer Material Property data transferred from Inventor 2010. The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion will be off by a factor when data is transferred into 11.0

It is anticipated that support for 12.0 will be "test only - no service pack needed." A Service Pack request has been created to backfit changes for Material Property data into a plugin for 11.0 SP1.

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