Do you have a 2D planar model of the cross section of an airfoil in which the angle of attack can be varied progressively until stall is evident?

This 2D planar model uses the single code multifield solver ("MFS", FLOTRAN and ANSYS legacy structural elements using ANSYS). A 2D planar model of the cross section of a hypothetical airplane wing is immersed in air. Air is forced past the airfoil much as if it were in a wind tunnel. The angle of attack of the airfoil is incrementally increased in a series of steady state calculations. The coefficient of lift is evaluated as a function of the angle of attack. Images and an animation are included in the attachment.

Simply read the attached script into ANSYS to create, solve, and post process the model. The model runs in 5-10 minutes. Once it finishes, you may click on toolbar buttons to post process either the structural mesh or the Flotran CFD mesh (one does the post processing of these separately). There is also a button for producing the animation you see in the attachment.

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