The Ansys Connection for Pro/Engineer is inserting a comma (.) as the decimal separator in the .ANF file.
The Windows Regional setting for the decimal separator is confirmed to be set to dot (.).
This has not resolved the problem. What could be wrong?

This problem often occurs on German language systems.
This case occured on Windows XP x64, Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3.0, Ansys 11.0 SP1 x64

In the users ProE.bat file, there was an Environment setting for PRO_LANG

@echo off
%PROE_BIN%proe.exe %PROE_BIN%proe.psf %*

The administrators replaced the PRO_LANG=C with LANG=C to resolve the problem.
@echo off
set LANG=C
%PROE_BIN%proe.exe %PROE_BIN%proe.psf %*

Example .ANF file with comma as decimal separator
/com, ANSYS110 Connection 11.0 for Pro/ENGINEER VWildfire 3.0
/com, Build Date: 08/29/07
/com, Model Name: prt0001
/com, Units: mm
/title, Model prt0001
/out, prt0001, pro
*get, _sav1,common,,errcom,,int,6
*get, _sav2,common,,errcom,,int,7
*get, _sav4,common,,ertrkcm,,int,1


0 4 0 8 4
0,000000000000000e+000 0,000000000000000e+000 0,000000000000000e+000 0,000000000000000e+000
1,000000000000000e+000 1,000000000000000e+000 1,000000000000000e+000 1,000000000000000e+000
9,276579139708866e+001 0,000000000000000e+000 -8,550298922365118e+001
3,400311926654852e+001 0,000000000000000e+000 -8,550298922365118e+001
-2,475955286399162e+001 0,000000000000000e+000 -8,550298922365118e+001
-8,352222499453177e+001 0,000000000000000e+000 -8,550298922365118e+001


Additional lnformation about LANG and PRO_LANG from internet sources.

AboutSetting the LANG and Pro_LANG Environment Variables

Pro/ENGINEER product CD-ROMs contain software and related documentation in nine languages including English. Pro/ENGINEER is typically installed in English and one other language. To run Pro/ENGINEER in a given language, you must set the LANG or PRO_LANG language environment variable. The value for either variable depends on your operating system (Windows, UNIX, LINUX).

* LANG is standard for all operating systems and software.
* PRO_LANG is a version of the variable specific to Pro/ENGINEER and other PTC software.

When you set PRO_LANG, Pro/ENGINEER uses PRO_LANG as the language variable instead of LANG. This gives you the flexibility to set LANG for non-PTC software and PRO_LANG for Pro/ENGINEER to different languages. When you use both variables, you can avoid setting and resetting LANG when you switch between Pro/ENGINEER and other non-PTC software.


* To use Pro/ENGINEER with Pro/INTRALINK, you must run them in the same language.
* Pro/INTRALINK is not localized in Korean. Therefore, Korean customers must run Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/INTRALINK in English.

To Set the Language Environment Variable on Windows XP

1. Click Start > Control Panel. The Control Panel directory opens.
2. Click Performance and Maintenance. The Performance and Maintenance dialog box opens.
3. Click System. The System Properties dialog box opens.
4. Click the Advanced tab and then click Environment Variables.
5. To specify a new variable, under System variables, click New.
6. In the Variable Name box type LANG or PRO_LANG.
7. In the Variable Value box, type the language variable appropriate for your language.
8. Click OK twice to exit the System Properties dialog box.


I am trying to install the Pro/ENGINEER Student Edition in a language other than English. What do I do?
PTC.SETUP and Pro/ENGINEER when started look at the following information to determine the language to start in. They first look for the environment variables LANG or PRO_LANG. If they are not set, then it looks to the operating system for the defined language and will start in that language; assuming PTC.SETUP or Pro/ENGINEER supports it.

Note: If you want to run PTC.Setup or Pro/ENGINEER in another language other then the Operating Systems default language, you will be required to set the environment variable PRO_LANG.

Below are the list of variable PRO_LANG can be set to:
Lauguage Variable
German german
Japanese japanese
Chinese Simplified chinese_cn
Chinese Traditional chinese_tw
Italian italian
Spanish spanish
Korean korean
French french
English usascii

If you would like to install the Pro/ENGINEER Student Edition in a language other than English follow these instructions:

Windows XP/VISTA:

1. Right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
2. In the Advanced tab, select the Environment Variables button.
3. Under the "User" section, select New.
4. In the Variable Name field, type "LANG"
5. In the Variable Value field, type "language", for example: if the language desired is German, type "german".


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