FLUENT 5 - Client-server mode, i.e. local Cortex and remote Fluent process on a Linux box: "RPC: connection refused"

On a local machine, I start Fluent using the command "fluent" (without 2d or 3d; on Windows, add " -serv").
I choose "File---Run", enter appropriate information under "Remote Execution", and press "Run".
The remote machine I entered is a Linux box.
After some time, I get the following messages:
In the Fluent console:
Error: cx-run: couldn't execute remote command.
Error Object: ()
In the terminal window I launched the Cortex GUI from:
....[the remote machine's name]: Connection refused
(If the Cortex GUI has been launched on a Windows PC [using the "-serv" command line switch], there will also appear the following line in the Cortex/Fluent Console window:
rexec: connect failed with error 10061
Remote execution requires that the remote machine offers and allows usage of the "exec" tcp service. Many UNIX systems are preconfigured to do this, but (at least) some Linux systems are not. To change this, do the following as root on the "remote" Linux machine:
- Edit /etc/inetd.conf: find a line beginning with "# exec". Remove the initial comment sign ("#") and the blank following it.
- Reboot your system, OR do "kill -HUP xyz", where "xyz" is the process id of the running inetd process. This can be found using "ps -e | grep inetd" or in the file "/var/run/inetd.pid".

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