Why does every "CAD Integration*intel" directory have a copy of ComponentSystem.dll? These DLLs all appear to be identical, and consume more disk space than is necessary. One would think that one copy of this file, in a known location, would be sufficient.

ANSYS 12.0 no longer uses the Windows registry. This is being done at the request of major customers who do not want to have any registry settings or software installed on a local Windows registry local computer, thus allowing a shared installation point similar to Unix systems.

When the Windows registry is not used, some external interfaces (CAD interface) are not able to locate required DLLs in a relative location, thus, required libraries must be in the same directory as the executable.

The tradeoff for not using Windows registry is therefore duplicate copies of files and disk space. As the releases progress, external interfaces will be modified to enable use of relative paths, thus reducing the need for multiple copies of files.

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