KNOWN ISSUE: The Optimized R. C. B. partition type can give incorrect or non-optimal results, or lead to a crash (Class 3 Error)

If the CFX-Partitioner is set to use the Optimized Recursive Coordinate Bisection partition type, then the partitioner may fail with a segmentation violation, it may produce non-optimal partitions, or solution results may be incorrect.

The coding for this partition type has an error which leads to a memory overwrite. The error has been seen to lead to either a failure with a segmentation violation, or to non-optimal partitions. However, it does have the potential to overwrite critical memory which could potentially lead to solution corruption.

Note that the Optimized Recursive Coordinate Bisection partition type is also used as the initial partition type if the case is partitioned with the Multipass Partitioning option set to Transient Rotor Stator.

No workaround is currently available.

ANSYS CFX Release 12.1. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX Release 12.0 is available on request.

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