KNOWN ISSUE: Failure of the ExportPoints feature in TurboGrid

The TurboGrid ExportPoints feature fails with a message similar to:

Error: Failed to generate export data
Context: ansFClientBMExportPts::Execute ExportPointsRotor

This error may occur for several reasons:
1. One or more intersected profiles do not form a continuous loop because the selected blade surfaces are not continuous.
2. The hub/shroud offset is too large such that the hub/shroud layer is at a higher/lower span fraction than the adjacent layer.
3. One or more layer intersections failed.

1. Make sure the selected blade surfaces do not leave gaps in the curves of intersection with the output layers.
2. The output layers must be ordered from lowest to highest span value. If you are trying to resolve a fillet and have many profiles near the hub, try turning off the hub layer.
3. Try turning off all layers and turn them on one at a time to find the problematic layer. Try adjusting the span value for the problematic layer. If the blade surfaces do not intersect the shroud because of a tip clearance gap, try turning off the shroud layer and adjust the span value for the adjacent layer to make sure it intersects the blade.

No fix is currently available.

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