KNOWN ISSUE: A Windows CCS or HPC job is queued even though there are enough free cores

A job submitted to a Windows CCS or HPC queue is queued, even though there appears to be sufficient processors available to run the job.

The "Submit to Windows CCS or HPC Queue" start method enforces node-locking i.e. the job will only run if it can have the exclusive use of a cluster node. This is the default because on most cluster hardware in common usage at the time of Release 12.0, memory bandwidth prevents efficient use of all the cores on a CPU. However, there may be cases (particularly on the latest hardware) where a user wants to be able to make full use of all the cores and CPUs, and node-locking needs to be turned off.

Edit the perl script `` (located in <CFXROOT>etc), making sure to keep a copy of the original script in case of errors. To switch the exclusive use of nodes, the line
needs to be changed to
This will affect all jobs submitted using the "Submit to Windows CCS or HPC Queue" start method; there is no control over this setting for individual jobs.

No fix is currently available.

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