KNOWN ISSUE: Using Fluent names for variables in CFD-Post gives some incorrect results for 2D cases (Class 3 Error)

If a 2D Fluent file is loaded into CFD-Post with the option to "Translate variable names to CFX-Solver style names" turned OFF, then plots and calculations using the variables Total Surface Heat Flux and Wall Shear Stress will be incorrect due to a scaling error.

Some variables in a Fluent 2D case have to be scaled on importing them into CFD-Post in order to correctly account for the translation from the 2D representation in Fluent to the 3D representation in CFD-Post. This scaling was missed for the variables named Total Surface Heat Flux and Wall Shear Stress (and their multiphase equivalents).

The scale factor needed for the correct scaling is related to the extrusion depth in Fluent (relative to 1 [m]), which in turn is based on the edge length of the first cell in the mesh. In most cases cells are orders of magnitude smaller than 1 [m] so the scale factor is large and the errors in Total Surface Heat Flux and Wall Shear Stress values will be obvious. However, in some cases (e.g. environmental studies) where the mesh cells are closer to 1 [m] in length, the error may not be apparent.

Load the Fluent file again after turning on the option "Translate variable names to CFX-Solver style names", and use the equivalent variables Wall Heat Flux and Wall Shear, instead.

ANSYS CFX Release 12.1.

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