KNOWN ISSUE: CFD-Post does not correctly open Fluent files if no path information is provided

When the command line is used to start CFD-Post and open a Fluent file, then the results are not always opened correctly.

For example, the command "cfdpost fluent.cas" will result in a warning message from CFD-Post:
Unable to find corresponding data file for 'fluent.cas'"
and the following messages in the terminal:
Directory::Directory: Directory name is empty.
Directory::open: opendir error: : No such file or directory
There are no variables available for use.

The command "cfdpost fluent.cdat" or "cfdpost fluent.dat" will result in an error from CFD-Post:
Cannot get mesh information. Looks like mesh file is missing."
with the same messages in the terminal.

CFD-Post is not coping properly when it receives a Fluent file name without any path information.

Prefix the filename with "./". For example, instead of executing "cfdpost fluent.cas", use "cfdpost ./fluent.cas".

ANSYS CFX Release 12.1.

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