KNOWN ISSUE: Monitoring using the Cartesian Coordinates option with a specified Domain Name can give incorrect results (Class 3 Error)

A monitor point specified using the "Cartesian Coordinates" option, with a specified Domain Name, appears to give incorrect results, if the coordinates specify a point which is right on the edge or outside of the specified domain.

If the coordinates specify a point which lies outside the specified domain (perhaps only by numerical error), but the CFX-Solver finds the point in a different domain, then when it tries to locate the appropriate nearest vertex, it locates a vertex in the other domain. Once this vertex has been idenfied by its number, the CFX-Solver then monitors values at that vertex number in the specified domain, which could effectively be anywhere at random within the specified domain. The output file shows how far it is from the specified point to the vertex in the other domain, which looks entirely plausible, so the error cannot be detected from the output file. In many cases, the monitor results will be clearly wrong, but in some cases the problem may not be obvious.

Move the coordinates slightly so that the specified point is definitely in the specified domain.

ANSYS CFX Release 12.1. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX Release 12.0 is available on request.

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