FLUENT 5 - Specifying a transient variation for the Heat flux on a radiator boundary condition

(This is one of the workarounds mentioned in CR 11746 for Specifying transient heat flux on
a radiator -bc zone)

The Scheme file enclosed below describes a somehow cumbersome way to specify a time variation
of the heat flux bc on a radiator bc zone. An enhancement in the regular code will be desired.

;; this is a Scheme function changing the heat flux bc value
;; on a radiator bc zone in time
;; make your changes in this area of the function
;; then load the function using File>Read>Scheme
;; or text command (load "tran-hf.scm")
;; after loading and doing other setups, type
;; (trans-run) in the console window as a text command
;; name of the radiator zone

(define rad-zone-name "pass")
;; coefficients of the curve fit

(define a5 1)
(define a4 1)
(define a3 1)
(define a2 1)
(define a1 1)
(define a0 1)

;; number of time steps to be run

(define ntimesteps 300)

;; number of iterations per time step

(define itpertimestep 20)

;; time step magnitude

(rpsetvar 'physical-time-step 5)

;; Do not change below this line
(define t)
(define radiator-hf)
(define (polynom5 x)
(let* ((x2 (* x x))
(x3 (* x2 x))
(x4 (* x3 x))
(x5 (* x4 x)))
(+ (* a5 x5) (* a4 x4) (* a3 x3) (* a2 x2) (* a1 x) a0)))
(define (trans-run)
(let loop ((i 0))
(if (< i ntimesteps)
(set! t (rpgetvar 'flow-time))
(set! radiator-hf (polynom5 t))
(ti-menu-load-string (string-append "/def/bc/rad/ " rad-zone-name " , , constan
t 0 0 " (number->string radiator-hf)))
(ti-menu-load-string (string-append "/solve dual-time-iterate 1 " (number->stri
ng itpertimestep)))
(loop (+ i 1))))))

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