I am trying to read a CFX-4 grid for a cylindrical geometry which contains cells that touch the r=0 axis into CFX-Pre, but there appears to be a problem
with the imported mesh at the axis. What do I need to do to import this type of mesh successfully? - KSVIHLA

You can import a CFX-4 geo file which has the r=0 axis included, *but* you have to have this mesh in the proper CFX-4
format for such a mesh.

That format assumes the following:

1. The mesh is written in cylindrical coordinates (z, r, theta).
2. The patch at the axis face must be the low-j face and it should be defined to be of type SYMMET.

If the mesh is written in Cartesian coordinates, it will not import properly.

If your mesh is oriented such that the axis face is not the low j-face, you can run the CFX-4 exectable runmi.exe
for this file with the option `cylaxis. This will reorient the block structure so that the symmetry patch at the axis
will be the low j-face. If you run this executable without a patch of type SYMMET at the axis, you will get an error.

If you import this type of CFX-4 mesh into CFX-Pre with the toggle set for cylindrical coordinates but the advanced options toggles
for ignore degenerate elements and duplicate node checking disabled, the mesh will import OK, but the axis elements will be
imported as (degenerate) hexes and the symmetry patch at the axis will remain in the imported mesh. This is not a problem as a CFX simulation
will run just fine with a mesh like this. One would typically put a symmetry BC on the degenerate axis face,

If you import the mesh into CFX-Pre again with the ignore degenerate elements and duplicate node checking toggles enabled, the mesh will
also be imported properly, but with the elements at the axis automatically converted to wedges and the symmetry face at the axis removed
from the imported mesh.

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