FLUENT 5 - Meshing Algorithm to mitigate right triangles (or cut squares) in Hypermesh surface mesh.

Hypermesh surfaces meshes have a tendency to be rectangles divided up into triangles. If the quadrilaterals are actually squares, the resulting surface mesh can create problems for volume meshing in TGrid. Triangles created by cutting a square into two are a violation of the Delauney Condition.
To mitigate the creation of triangular surfaces that are
squares cut along the diagonal. (As seen in Hypermesh v4.0.2-2)

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Meshing Algorithm
Autodecide: will likely give you the right angle triangles
Free (unmapped): will mitigate their creation.

I do not know if there is a large change in number of elements
between the two algorithms. One client said they were similar in

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