I am trying to import an ANSYS Workbench Mesh cmdb file produced on Windows into CFX-Pre on another platform , but it fails and tells me that no mesh - KSVIHLA
can be imported from the file. If I import the file into CFX-Pre on Windows, it works fine. Can you tell me what the problem is? - KSVIHLA

The cmdb file is not universally portable onto different platforms, as the import into CFX-Pre requires certain libraries which are only present if ANSYS
Workbench is installed.

If you are trying to import a cmdb file into Pre on a platform on which Workbench is not supported or for a system where Workbench is not installed,
the import will fail.

The simplest workaround is to import the cmdb file into CFX-Pre on a system where Workbench is installed. You can then save that .cfx case file and transfer it
to the system where WB ins not installed and continue the probem setup.

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